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We supply and install traditional CCTV systems and also CCTV over IP (Computer networks), they can be located internally and externally.

We supply digital technology which provides better images at a reduced cost, making the systems more affordable for your commercial and domestic purposes, include :

Traditional and IP CCTV systems

Advice on design, installation and maintenance of the system

Commercial and domestic systems

Door access control and visitor management

Remote view systems

Take on existing systems

Finance options available

CCTV systems can be used in following applications for Industrial, commercial, public area surveillance, Remote unmanned locations, Transportation , Automatic number plate recognition systems, Production and plant monitoring, Site health and safety.

Datatel Inter Nusa Office Address:
Jl. Penjernihan I No.30
Bendungan Hilir - Jakarta 10210
Telp: +62 21 5790 1453, Fax: +62 21 5790 2213
Sales contact:

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